About me - Wight Zebra Photography

I have won a Charlie award for best photograph in a magazine in the State of Florida 2017. The photograph was published in the Heartland Living Magazine. The Arcadian newspaper readers have voted me "Best Photographer in Desoto County". Both awards I am proud of. I always try to learn more to be a better photographer. 

How I got started in photography:

"A bike and a bird"


             I started seriously after a motorcycle accident. I was at a stop light and was hit from behind. I suffered a fairly serious calf injury. After 10 weeks I was able to walk. I was told by Doc to walk on uneven ground. After getting bored walking around my yard I went to Myakka park and walked around there. I saw many types of birds and animals.

          Then I got an epiphany! Hey Dummy, get a camera! I bought a decent camera and not so great a lens. I saw an Osprey eating a pretty big fish on a dead tree branch about 30 feet away. Took about a million photographs of it. BAM! I was hooked. It has been an amazing gift to me. My life was forever changed. Thank you Photography. In some strange twisted way, thank you to the guy that hit me by running the red light. Without you and the Osprey this would not ever had happened. All because of a bike and a bird.

      I would also like to thank all of my clients for supporting me with my passion. Photography has given me so much joy.


          Photographs are so very important in life. They capture a memory, a feeling and a moment you can always reflect back on. Allow me to capture them for you.

E mail me at wightzebraphotography@embarqmail.com or billwight@embarqmail.com

Messaging me on Facebook is another great way to get hold of me

 You can always give me a call at (863) 231-2316. Lets discuss what your wants and needs are in photographs.